About Us

SheWings foundation focuses on educating women and men on women’s health and hygiene management and eradicating period poverty. We have been actively participating in spreading awareness for the past nine years and to date, we have been successfully holding sessions for more than 5 million females and along with the distribution of menstrual hygiene kits and eradicating information regarding menstrual health and hygiene.

Mindset being one of the main barriers, as people are not open talking about menstruation due to the myths around it. Women, in a developing country like India, feel the strong need to hide the sanitary pads fearing judgement. Accessibility – Women residing in rural areas, do not have shops around them which keeps sanitary products. Price – All the products are targeted towards premium segments making it unaffordable for the women belonging to below poverty line to buy them.

• We aim at adopting more villages to penetrate into the mindsets of the people where we provide sanitary products every month without fail and educate them about the proper usage, its importance, how to dispose it and how it’s not something to hide. We also plan on organizing more camps and conclaves to spread the awareness around menstrual hygiene Management (MHM).

• As an organization, our value proposition is YesIbleed. We intend to focus on educating men and women through interactive videos, street plays, games etc. We have also creatively designed the cover of our sanitary product which has instructions in English and Hindi both. Also, our sanitary pads are biodegradable, chemical and bleach free ensuring a safe period.

Impact on National Level– Our work aims at eradicating period poverty by 60 % nationwide.

Impact on individual Level– To prevent deaths of women and dropping out of schools by girls as they lack the basic sanitary amenities.

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