SheWings Foundation Winter Health and Hygiene Camp

In a commendable effort to address the pressing issues of period poverty and environmental sustainability, SheWings Foundation, in collaboration with We, organized a series of impactful Health and Hygiene Camps across educational institutions and communities in Noida. The campaign, held on Christmas Eve, sought to raise awareness about menstrual health, provide support to underprivileged individuals, and promote the use of plastic-free sanitary pads for a better and sustainable future.

Chetram Sharma College of Education Camp

On Christmas Eve, SheWings Foundation kicked off its campaign at Chetram Sharma College of Education in Noida. The Health and Hygiene Camp aimed to eliminate period poverty by distributing plastic-free sanitary pads and educating attendees about the importance of menstrual hygiene. The initiative received substantial support from We, emphasizing the collaborative effort required to address these societal challenges.

Arsh Kanya Gurukul Camp

The foundation continued its impactful work by organizing another Health and Hygiene Camp at Arsh Kanya Gurukul in Noida. The objective remained consistent – to eliminate period poverty for a better future. The campaign emphasized the significance of community support in breaking the taboos surrounding menstrual health and promoting a more inclusive and informed society.

Support for Housemaids and Housewives

Recognizing the need for targeted efforts, SheWings Foundation organized a camp specifically focused on supporting housemaids and housewives in Noida. The initiative aimed to raise awareness about menstrual hygiene, encouraging the use of sanitary pads over traditional cloth methods. By empowering this segment of society, the foundation aimed to contribute to a positive period experience for women who often face challenges in accessing menstrual hygiene products.

Period Awareness and Eco-Friendly Discussion at Noida Inter College Bhangel

The campaign reached its zenith with a period awareness and eco-friendly discussion camp at Noida Inter College Bhangel. SheWings Foundation facilitated open dialogues about menstrual hygiene, debunked myths surrounding periods, and emphasized the use of eco-friendly sanitary products. The discussion served as a platform for sharing information and fostering a sense of community responsibility towards the environment.

SheWings Foundation’s relentless efforts in organizing Health and Hygiene Camps across Noida have made a significant impact in the fight against period poverty and environmental degradation. By distributing plastic-free sanitary pads, conducting educational sessions, and fostering community support, the foundation has taken a step towards creating a more inclusive and sustainable future. The campaign serves as a testament to the power of collaborative initiatives in bringing about positive change in society.

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