Holding “The Dream” in their hands

Project Starts on 1 June 2015

From the time we start understanding our surroundings, we are taught the ways of the world. With the changing times, girls have started to own their power, however there are still many out there who still dream to complete their education. Challenges are faced...


Past Project

Roaming around freely on the roads, but still being under the watchful eyes of the men around them, these women lead dual lives like many others. In their heart, they are free from the cages and the bounds of the societies and on the...

Painting the walls in blue while bleeding in Red

Project Starts on 10 May 2016

Knowing struggle, hard work and perseverance throughout her life, she was dedicatedly working on painting the walls blue during her period. We asked her about the work she was doing and she smilingly replied “Yeh toh humara ghar hai, isse hum hi rangdete hai,...

United we stand

Past Project

From having to cover their heads to not being allowed to give their opinions in front of their male counterparts, these women has seen it all. They have been the victims of sexism throughout their lives like many of us. There have been times...