Ray of Hope

7th November 2019 SheWings

At such a tender age, they are left to tend after themselves. Streets become their playground and sometimes their sleeping area...

Surrounded by love, Connected by blood

24th July 2019 SheWings

Mother and child bond is the purest connection in this universe and it becomes even more special if it’s a daughter....

United we stand!

1st March 2019 SheWings

Wanting to become like a supermodel to dressing up like one, these girls are growing up fast. However, they lack the...

Painting the walls in blue while bleeding in Red

16th November 2018 SheWings

Knowing struggle, hard work and perseverance throughout her life, she was dedicatedly working on painting the walls blue during her period....


23rd April 2018 SheWings

Roaming around freely on the roads, but still being under the watchful eyes of the men around them, these women lead...

Holding “The Dream” in their hands

11th February 2018 SheWings

From the time we start understanding our surroundings, we are taught the ways of the world. With the changing times, girls...