Myth or Fact: “The shark week changes the way you roar”

Generally, it happens that one in three women experience their voice change during periods(or menstrual cycle), as a whole. In a month, a female’s voice is affected for seven days, which is nearly 25% of the month. So, the women, who are in the profession of delivering speeches, singing, anchoring, voice over, etc., will surely face difficulty in performing well, during their periods.

The main hormone behind the alteration of voice quality is the hormone, named ‘estrogen’. Prior to the ovulation period or menses, the estrogen level increases in the female body, due to which the vocal chord swells and makes larynx tissue swell up. This eventually leads to a medical condition called, “Pre-menstrual Vocal Syndrome”, which is accompanied by loss of vocal power, quick vocal fatigue(you get tired of speaking, very easily) and raspier voice quality, etc. It worsens the Laryngopharyngeal acid reflux and affects the breath support system of the body in a negative way.

In reality, it is impossible for any female to avoid it, but as far as the management is concerned, one can surely do some work on it. Keep a diary to note down the change in the condition of your voice, each day during the periods. Then secondly, oral contraceptive pills can be used to reduce the symptoms of PMVS(Pre-Menstrual Voice Syndrome). As far as different stages are concerned, week one is signified with a deep and hoarse voice, the second week is signified with a high-pitched and clear voice, the third week is signified with a flatter and low voice and lastly, the fourth week is signified by a flat and shaky voice, which created a difficulty in reaching high notes. The best suggestion here would be a “visit to the doctor”, in the case of ‘voice change’.

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