Don’t put salt in churning butter: A scientific overview

Salt is known for many health benefits, like maintaining blood pressure, making us stay hydrated, protecting vascular health and promoting better sleep, but too much of salt can cause a lot of problem in your body while having periods. A lot of salt causes high blood pressure. The process suggests that kidneys are responsible for the regulation of blood pressure by removing excess of water out from the body,but when we eat a lot of salt content, then it means that we are putting trunks of sodium in our body, and more sodium in blood enforces the water to stay in human body, under the name of retention.

More water in blood vessels increases the blood pressure thereby. The high blood pressure, thickens the wall of blood vessels, and less blood reaches to the organs like, intestine, brain, heart and lungs and as we all know that blood carries nutrients and oxygen, to all the part,so thereby each and every individual part of the body would get less oxygen and nutrition for their peaceful existence. Less blood in the heart causes heart-attack and less blood in the brain causes brain stroke.

During periods it is very important that one should avoid eating a burger, Maggie, fried chicken, french fries and chips etc. It is advisable to check for a green coloured label indicating quantity, as conventionally green colour, indicates “less salt”. During periods to prevent the discomfort due to bloating, avoid adding salt to your food. Try to give flavours by using pepper, spices, herbs and lemon. We are lucky that they are the brand version with low salt content.

With healthy eating habits and the basic sense of knowledge, you can conquer the discomfort of your periods, with a tint of basic elementary precaution. “factually, blood is flowing out, and organically, excess salt gives less blood to heart and brain”, the statement clears it all.

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