The main event took place on January 31 at Surajpur Wetland, where thousands actively participated in the Nature and Bird Festival, celebrating nature and avian diversity throughout the day amidst fog and rain.

Officials from the Forest Department revealed that the event is being organized with the support of the SheWings Foundation.

Surajpur Wetland, located in the heart of Greater Noida, attracted tourists and enthusiasts all day long. Environment and Forest Minister KP Malik, presiding over the event, expressed optimism about the international recognition Surajpur Wetland will receive under our government. He stated, “I am impressed to see such a large turnout. We aim to make Surajpur Wetland an internationally acclaimed tourism destination.”

The Nature and Bird Festival on January 31 saw participants from various artistic fields across the country. School children took part in art and nest-making competitions, while college students participated in a music competition. Renowned photographers from around the country showcased their photographs in the exhibition.

District Magistrate Manish Verma highlighted the district administration’s efforts to make Gautam Buddha Nagar a beautiful destination for people to spend their holidays and appreciate wildlife. Dadi Assembly Member Tejpal Nagar emphasized the importance of increasing public participation in organizing the Nature and Bird Festival to enhance wildlife in the GB Nagar region. MLA Sheesh Chand Sharma, during a press conference at Surajpur Wetland, shared the UP government’s goal of making Surajpur Wetland the best tourism destination in the NCR.

Officials urged everyone to enjoy the beauty of nature at Surajpur Wetland instead of spending time in malls and movie theaters. Sunil Chaudhary from the Forest Department stated, “We should promote nature rather than going to malls and movie theaters.” Janu added, “Family members should take their loved ones to wildlife sanctuaries and wetlands.” District Forest Officer JB Nagar P.K. Srivastava mentioned during the press conference that the Nature and Bird Festival held on January 31 was a global success, with the film industry and notable figures in wildlife participating.

Joint CP Bablu Kumar mentioned that the Bird Festival attracts international wildlife enthusiasts. Madan Mohit Bhardwaj, founder of SheWings, encouraged schools, universities, and parents to bring their children to experience various bird species and natural habitats.

Surajpur Wetland, located in the middle of Greater Noida, is a treasure trove of diverse flora and fauna. The Nature and Bird Festival aims to showcase and celebrate this rich biodiversity, promoting environmental awareness and conservation efforts.

Key Features of the Festival:

Guided Bird Watching Tours: Led by expert naturalists, participants have the opportunity to witness and learn about numerous bird species, from migratory birds to indigenous ones, making Surajpur Wetland their home.
Interactive Workshops: Renowned experts will conduct engaging workshops on bird identification, conservation, and nature photography. These practical sessions will provide valuable insights into the delicate balance of ecosystems and the importance of preserving natural habitats.
Nature Walks and Trails: Festival attendees can immerse themselves in the beauty of Surajpur Wetland through guided nature walks and trails. Trained naturalists will share their knowledge about the life of diverse plants, insects, and small mammals contributing to the ecological tapestry of the wetland.
Children’s Corner: A dedicated area for young nature enthusiasts, featuring interactive displays, educational games, and storytelling sessions. The aim is to instill a sense of wonder and appreciation for the environment in the next generation.
Photography Competition: Enthusiastic and professional photographers are invited to participate in a photography competition capturing the captivating scenes and wildlife of Surajpur Wetland. Winners will be showcased during the festival, with awards given for outstanding contributions.
Cultural Performances: The festival will also celebrate the cultural heritage of the region with traditional music and dance performances. Attendees can enjoy a harmonious blend of nature and culture in the serene landscape of Surajpur Wetland.
Conservation Initiative: The Nature and Bird Festival is committed to promoting environmental conservation. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about ongoing conservation projects and initiatives aimed at preserving the delicate balance of Surajpur Wetland’s unique ecosystem.

Event Details:

Date: January 31, 2024
Location: Surajpur Wetland, Greater Noida
Entry: Free for all ages
About Surajpur Wetland:
Surajpur Wetland, spanning 0.60 sq km, is a crucial ecological mechanism supporting various plant and animal life. Recognized internationally as a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance, Surajpur Wetland serves as a significant habitat for both resident and migratory bird species, making it a focal point for bird and nature enthusiasts.

Situated in the Yamuna River basin in Gautam Buddha Nagar, the natural landscape of Surajpur serves as a vital breeding ground for important waterfowl such as Spot-billed Duck, Lesser Whistling Duck, Cotton Pygmy Goose, and Comb Duck. With unwavering support from the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority and WWF-India, the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department has diligently advanced a conservation project for Surajpur since 2010. Together, efforts are underway to transform this urban wetland into a comprehensive bird sanctuary. A harmonious blend of thoughtful urban development with nature.

The program received appreciation from (DFO Meerut) Rajesh Kumar.

Here, we are delighted to share a video capturing the celebration of World Environment Day at Okhla Bird Sanctuary.

SheWings and Forest Department, Gautam Buddha Nagar Celebrated World Environment Day: Uniting for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Practices

Gautam Buddha Nagar, June 5, 2023 – SheWings, a leading environmental organization, in collaboration with the Forest Department, Gautam Buddha Nagar, has celebrated World Environment Day. The event aimed to raise awareness about the importance of preserving our natural environment and address the pressing issues of plastic pollution, fossil fuel consumption, and other factors affecting our planet’s health.

The event witnessed the participation of numerous renowned personalities, including influential YouTubers, bloggers, forest officers, and esteemed government officials such as the District Magistrate (DM) of Gautam Buddha Nagar, Mr. Manish Verma, and (DCP) of Traffic, Gautam Buddha Nagar Mr. Anil Yadav, (DFO) GB Nagar PK Srivastava, Madan Mohit Bharadwaj Founder of (SheWings) and Regional Pollution Officer Praveen Kumar shared a message emphasizing the urgent need to reduce plastic usage, limit the reliance on fossil fuels, and implement sustainable practices to safeguard our environment for future generations.

The Future of Menstrual Hygiene: How Aware Are Women?
In future , we can expect to see a significant increase in women’s awareness about menstrual hygiene and health. Over the past decade, there has been a global movement to break the stigma surrounding menstruation and promote menstrual hygiene management as a crucial aspect of women’s health. This movement has gained momentum through various initiatives, campaigns, and advocacy efforts.
  • “Empowering Women: The Rise of Menstrual Hygiene Awareness in future”

By 2023, Education and awareness programs about menstrual hygiene are likely to be integrated into school curricula, ensuring that girls and young women receive comprehensive information about menstrual health and hygiene practices from an early age. These programs will cover topics such as menstrual cycle education, proper sanitary product usage, safe disposal methods, and managing menstrual discomfort.

Technological advancements will also contribute to menstrual hygiene awareness. Mobile apps, online platforms, and digital resources will provide accurate information, answer questions, and offer support for women seeking guidance on menstrual health and hygiene practices. These platforms will promote open discussions, sharing experiences, and debunking myths surrounding menstruation.

Future Areas of Women's Menstrual Hygiene Awareness

Education systems: Schools and educational institutions can play a crucial role in providing comprehensive menstrual health education to girls and boys. Menstrual hygiene management can be included in the curriculum, covering topics such as menstrual cycle, hygiene practices, available products, and the importance of maintaining good menstrual health.

Public health campaigns: Governments, NGOs, and health organizations may continue to initiate public health campaigns that focus on menstrual hygiene awareness. These campaigns can aim to reach a wide audience through various channels such as television, social media, and community outreach programs.

Digital platforms: Online platforms and mobile applications can provide easily accessible information and resources related to menstrual hygiene. Women can access reliable information, track their menstrual cycles, receive reminders, and connect with healthcare professionals for advice and guidance.

Community involvement: Local communities can organize workshops, seminars, and support groups to promote menstrual hygiene awareness. These initiatives can involve healthcare professionals, women’s organizations, and community leaders who can provide guidance, answer questions, and address any concerns related to menstrual health.

Product innovation: Continued research and development can lead to the creation of more hygienic and sustainable menstrual products. Innovations in menstrual products, such as reusable pads, menstrual cups, and period-proof underwear, can contribute to better menstrual hygiene practices and reduce environmental impact.