“Nurturing Mothers: SheWings’ Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign & Women Bike Rally”

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After coming across thousands of mothers from different areas and villages we came to know about the pain and difficulties they face while Breast Feeding. Breastfeeding is the process of providing mother’s milk to the child in order to provide the required nutrition and ensure the baby’s development but due to changes in lifestyle, surgeries, and illness, a lot of mothers feel difficulties in breastfeeding their children and end up lacking nutrition in their children.


This is a natural and vital process that provides essential nutrition to infants while promoting their overall development. However, in recent times, various factors such as changes in lifestyle, surgeries, and illnesses have led to challenges and difficulties for many mothers when it comes to breastfeeding their children. This has resulted in a lack of proper nutrition for the infants, negatively impacting their health and well-being.

Recognizing the importance of breastfeeding and the need to address these challenges, SheWings has embarked on a mission to encourage breastfeeding and improve the health of babies around the world. The organization aims to promote and spread awareness about breastfeeding, highlighting its benefits and providing support to mothers facing difficulties.

The campaign, launched in December 2020 and continuing into January 2021, has garnered significant support from Indian policymakers who recognize the importance of breastfeeding for infant health. Additionally, the campaign has gained global recognition and is being promoted by renowned celebrities who understand the impact and significance of breastfeeding on a global scale.

As part of their efforts, SheWings is organizing a groundbreaking event called the “Women Bike Rally.” This rally is unique in that it is entirely organized and participated in by women, for women, and in support of women. The rally will bring together riders from different parts of the country, each a well-known personality in their respective fields, all united by their commitment to the noble cause of promoting breastfeeding.

Women Bike Rally

The Women’s Bike Rally holds immense significance as it marks India’s first-ever women-centric bike rally dedicated to spreading awareness about breastfeeding. By choosing the medium of a bike rally, SheWings aims to capture attention and engage people from all walks of life. The rally will serve as a powerful platform to raise awareness, educate the public, and break the stigma surrounding breastfeeding.

During the rally, the participants, clad in vibrant attire, will ride through various cities and villages, capturing the attention and curiosity of onlookers. The rally will serve as a symbol of empowerment, demonstrating the strength and unity of women as they work together to promote the well-being of infants and mothers.

Along the rally route, various activities and events will be organized to engage and educate the public. These activities may include interactive sessions, workshops, and informative seminars led by experts in the field of breastfeeding and infant health. Mothers who have successfully overcome breastfeeding challenges will share their experiences, offering support and guidance to others facing similar difficulties.

Furthermore, SheWings will collaborate with local healthcare providers, lactation consultants, and midwives to provide on-site assistance and guidance to mothers seeking help with breastfeeding. These professionals will offer personalized support, addressing individual concerns and providing practical solutions to enhance the breastfeeding experience.

The Women Bike Rally will also serve as a platform to distribute informational materials, such as brochures, pamphlets, and posters, highlighting the benefits of breastfeeding and addressing common misconceptions. These materials will be made available in multiple languages to ensure widespread understanding and accessibility.

 SheWings will leverage social media platforms and traditional media channels to reach a wider audience. Engaging content, including videos, articles, and interviews, will be shared to educate and inform the public about the significance of breastfeeding and the support available to mothers facing challenges.

In addition to the Women Bike Rally, SheWings plans to establish local support groups and helplines where mothers can seek assistance and guidance throughout their breastfeeding journey. These support networks will offer a sense of community and belonging, providing mothers with a safe space to share their concerns and experiences.

Through these combined efforts, SheWings aims to create a lasting impact, fostering a society that values and supports breastfeeding mothers. By raising awareness, providing education and support, and breaking down barriers and stigmas, the organization strives to ensure that every child receives the essential nutrition they need for a healthy start in life.

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